When I was searching for a preschool a couple of years ago, I was directed to Monarch Christian Academy by some other parents whose children attended here. I was immediately impressed by how quiet the school generally is. If you peek in during the mid-morning, after the flurry of drop offs and after the morning circle time, you will see children all over the classroom, working on a variety of tasks. There are some doing practical life– like matching nuts and bolts in various sizes (my three-year-old son’s favorite last year) or counting endless strings of tiny colored beads (my five-year-old daughter’s favorite last year) and writing down skip counting. Sometimes, two or three children work together on a single activity, while other children work independently. I think the parents who are drawn to MCA are looking for an academic setting combined with Christian values in a smaller, more intimate school. I’ll never forget how last year my first grader and I went to a pumpkin farm with her public school field trip and my four-year-old preschooler knew more about the life cycle of a pumpkin than we had heard from the pumpkin farmer! More than academics though, my children are learning important faith values: obedience, faithfulness, and as my three year old son says, “Self-control means you keep your arms and legs to yourself and you wait to speak when it’s your turn”. The smaller school size means that the director and the teachers know all of the children, even the ones who are not in their specific class. Even the children know whose parents belong to which child, and call out to my children that I’m there to pick them up. 

Our family has been incredibly blessed to call Monarch Christian Academy our school. It has continued to challenge us to help our children be self-motivated and engage in learning, not for approval or praise but because the children find satisfaction in the process of learning. Now if I could just find a school like this for adults!

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