We started our first daughter at Monarch Christian Academy right after her second birthday. The same day that we started her at MCA, I gave birth to our second daughter. The teachers and directors at MCA provided immense support and kindness and were able to make my older daughter’s transition very smooth. I feared that with so much change at once, she would regress or act out, but they loved her from the start and helped her through all of the changes going on around her. She has since thrived at MCA, and my husband and I smile everyday when she comes home and we find out what she learned that day.

The teachers at MCA and the Montessori curriculum give the children the chance to learn more than I could imagine that age group to be capable of learning and at their own speed. I am continually impressed with the Montessori principles and how they play into everyday learning and life for my now three-year-old.

In addition to all of the love and learning that MCA provides my daughter, I cannot say enough about the parents and the community that MCA provides. The first day I dropped off my daughter, I was so nervous for her; I sat in the lobby of the school and watched her on the TV monitor. One by one, parents went in, dropped off their children, and came out to sit and talk with me, assuring me that my daughter was fine. The parents, staff, and director are always so incredibly supportive of each other. A recent example of the community environment is when my daughter turned three, another parent, who happened to notice her birthday on the wall, brought in a beautiful cake for her. I love feeling like my daughter’s school is just like her family, and they care for her just like we do.

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